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  • Trial period or probationary period? What’s the difference?
  • 10.12.13
  • Partner, John Shingleton explains the difference and explores some of the detail around a 90-day trial period and a probationary period.
  • Court ruling affects eligibility for rest home subsidies
  • 02.10.13
  • Trust Lawyer, Ferne Bradley believes a new court ruling could mean retirees who have placed their assets in family trusts may not have as much protection as previously thought.
  • Proposed employment law changes: a direct challenge to the unions
  • 06.09.13
  • In April the Government introduced a bill aimed at amending the Employment Relations Act 2000. What are some of those changes, and how do they affect employers and employees?
  • Workplace health and safety
  • 25.07.13
  • The Christchurch rebuild is the biggest urban reconstruction undertaking in New Zealand's history. And it's triggering a growing focus on health and safety in worksites - not just for large construction companies, but also for subcontracting sole traders.
  • Insurance policies and significant events
  • 24.07.13
  • Insurance is one of the biggest business issues to emerge from the Christchurch earthquakes. It's led several businesses to consider whether they can claim under their existing policy and whether that policy is still appropriate.
  • Commercial Leases
  • 22.07.13
  • The Christchurch earthquakes have raised real issues for landlords and tenants of commercial premises across New Zealand. Many are now carefully considering their lease terms and positions to cover situations they previously never really thought they would have to deal with.
  • Property investors become unstuck
  • 15.07.13
  • While working through the extensive damage to residential and commercial properties in Christchurch, property investors and their legal advisors have uncovered several due diligence issues that lay dormant before the earthquakes.
  • What’s your Plan B?
  • 12.07.13
  • When you are considering buying a business, it is important to understand what makes it tick.
  • Seeing red
  • 19.06.13
  • A couple insure their house in Dallington. The house is materially damaged, but not destroyed, in the Canterbury earthquakes. Following emergency repairs, the house is safe to live in and essential services are eventually restored. The house is on land which is declared to be part of the “red zone”. It appears essential services will not be maintained in the long term. Can the insured claim on their insurance policy for a reduction in value of their house as a result of it being in the red zone?
  • Does your business interruption insurance keep you in the game?
  • 01.06.13
  • Some businesses promptly adjusted their business interruption (BI) policy after the February 2011 earthquake. However, we are still seeing businesses question whether their policy strikes the correct balance between covering gross profit lost as result of an insured event (as defined in their policy) and covering the cost of replacing damaged stock and premises.