Nicole Murphy

ASSOCIATE. LL.B, B.A Canterbury (2004)

Nicole’s practice at Malley & Co includes all areas of Family Law. She has the ability to communicate with a diverse range of clients when dealing with sensitive issues, including the division of Relationship Assets and Debts, Care Arrangements for Children, Adoption and matters relating to Child Youth & Family services. She has experience in litigation work including applications under the Protection of Personal Property Rights Act, Domestic Violence, Protection Orders and Family Protection Act claims.

Nicole has appeared in the Family, Criminal (including Jury trials), Youth and High Court. Her experience enables her to sensibly and effectively assist in resolutions where clients may be emotional and under a significant stress.

Nicole’s aim is to resolve family disputes as amicably as possible rather than escalating matters, in a bid to reduce cost and trauma. However, if the best option for you is to apply to Court, or if you are a Respondent in a matter already before the Court, Nicole’s Court experience supports you.

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